Saturday, October 06, 2018

SHANI puja at SAI BABA Temple, Cedar Park, TX USA

Shani Trayodasi Homam
Saturday, Oct 6, 10 am
Sai Temple Homa Kunda Building

Saturday, is Sani Trayodasi. It is an auspicious day to worship Sani Bhagwan (Saturn graha) and Lord Shiva. A special Sani Trayodasi Homa will be performed at the Sai Temple Homa Kunda on Saturday morning at 10 am. 

Devotees can offer sesame oil abisehkam inside Baba Temple at the Navagraha shrine. Priest will perform abishekam (inside Baba Temple) after the Homa. 

Currently, Sani is traveling through Dhanur Rasi (Saggitarius), Moola Nakshatra (3rd Pada). This is especially challenging for Moola Nakshatra, Purva Ashada, and Uttara Ashadha (pada 1) as Sani will be transiting those stars in Dhanu Rashi now or in the near future.  See other stars/Rashis below affected by Sani transit or Drishti.  These stars and Rashis may be facing challenges, and difficult lessons in life. Worshiping Sani on Trayodasi occurring on a Saturday mitigates the ill-effects for people affected by Sani. Giving food to the elderly and poor is one remedy to counter Sani's ill effects.