Thursday, November 01, 2018

Celestial Updates for this first week of November


  • Sun transits its debilitation sign, Libra, from 14:35 to 21:36°. This connects leaders, physicians, administrators and governments with women, medicine, luxuries, entertainment and the fine, healing and performing arts.
  • Moon is waning and transits Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra. The new Moon is in Libra, Nov. 7th.
  • Mars transits out of its exaltation sign, Capricorn, where it has been since May 2nd, and into Aquarius on Nov. 5th. Mars is weak in degrees until Nov. 14th. Be patient with property matters. The military, police, athletes, surgeons and executives should get extra rest.
  • Mercury transits Scorpio, from 07:07 to 14:42°.  This connects stocks, business, technology and communications with research, language, mystical sciences and ancient knowledge.
  • Jupiter transits Scorpio, from 04:17 to 05:48°. Jupiter regains strength on Nov. 4th. This should be an improvement for law, religion, morality, publishing, teaching, and consulting.
  • Venus transits its own sign, Libra, from 05:40 to 02:30°. Venus is retrograde until November 16th. Venus remains in Libra until Jan. 1st. This should be favorable for law, women, romance, luxuries, medicine, education, entertainment, and the fine, healing and performing arts. This may also indicate victories for women in the national mid-term elections.
  • Saturn transits Sagittarius, from 10:50 to 11:26°. Saturn is outside the close 5-degree orb of influence of other planets. This connects law, religion and education with the elderly, the poor and needy, (caravans) and working-class persons.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit Cancer and Capricorn, respectively, from 06:30 to 05:34°.  Those persons with 4 to 8° rising signs or with any planet(s) in the 4 to 8°range in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces -- including the USA) should be careful and patient.

  •  Sarah Hawthorne