Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Energy Psychology

In Anodea’s 7-week live video training, Mastering Your Charge, you’ll find out how to deepen into this work and monitor, manage, and master your charge, the source of your aliveness.
And you’ll get a deeper sense of your emotional and spiritual challenges so that you can finally learn to address them, let them go, and reap the benefits of clearing those blocks.
As Anodea explains, blocked or stagnant energy can be the result of trauma, negative emotions, family patterns, and other psychological causes.
For example, blocks may have taken up residence in your heart because you don't trust your heart, or because you don't feel safe with others in relationships.
Yet, it’s one thing to work on an energetic level — and it’s quite another thing to deepen and ground the “psychology of the personality” into your energy work.
By harnessing your life force, or “mastering your charge,” you become empowered to bring your body, emotions, relationships, and creativity into true alignment with your soul essence.
When you enroll, Anodea will help you experience on a personal level how balancing, opening, and integrating your charge leads to deep and transformative healing.
Please be sure to watch Anodea’s 6-minute video — it will give you a greater understanding and appreciation for how this work can transform your life in deep and lasting ways.
And you can find out more details about Mastering Your Charge — and enroll — here.