Friday, November 30, 2018

From Swati Ji...

How to Use Jyotish Wisdom to Heal Your Body

Most people think of Jyotish Astrology as a means of charting the planets, the stars, the movements of the heavens. For those of us who subscribe to this very ancient body of Vedic knowledge though, we understand that there is a correlation between the cosmos and our own inner nature, our experience of life. There is a connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm, the two are not separate, but dance, mingle and co-create. This divine interplay is what makes studying Jyotish so valuable.

I use Jyotish as a means of explaining and exploring the inner being, the inner realms of our own felt experience. In fact all of my transit reports are a reflection of my own experience with the cosmos, my own expression of their movement. This is why the consciousness of the Jyotishi is of the utmost importance; traditionally, the life of the astrologer has been one of constant purification and refinement, so as to "see" more and more clearly. Jyotish after all is the science of light, the science of vision, sight.

If we can use the wisdom of Jyotish to see within ourselves, our consciousness, we can use this awareness for healing insights as well. Truthfully, Jyotish is so vast and all-encompassing, it includes all expressions of our humanity- our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, or the four bodies.

Quite literally the Jyotish chart shares in detail the connection to our various bodies- through the planets, houses and even the nakshatras. We could even say that each one of these pieces of jyotish wisdom connects to one of the four bodies, so that ultimately when we are looking at our jyotish chart we are looking at a web of energies, a web of our own cosmic energies.

The multiple layers of the chart are so interwoven, it is this complexity that we study in Jyotish in order to see the many relationships between energies and how they express themselves uniquely through us. This is a nuanced and intuitive awareness that comes with much studying, clarity and inner vision. I believe in fact that this gift is possible for each one of us to embrace; it is after all connected to our intuition, our felt senses, our inner knowing. This is a refinement process we can learn and create.