Tuesday, November 06, 2018

MARS into Aquarius ...

Mars in Sidereal Aquarius: The Mighty Warrior as Water Bearer

O’ Mighty Mars, with loving reference I bow before you!
You glow with fiery red passion,
And you are the epitome of courage and dynamism.
You actively benefit all beings,
Homage to you, Lord Mangala!
Transiting Mars finally left sidereal Capricorn last evening on November 5, 2018, after having transited there since early May. Some of us have probably accomplished much, grown a great deal, and learned a lot about ourselves and each other through this transit. Now Mars is transiting in sidereal Aquarius until December 23, 2018.
Mars in Aquarius may be a bit of an improvement for a few reasons:
1. Mars transited and retrograded in the eclipse axis with Ketu, which reflected some stormy astral weather in the past six months. Mars in Capricorn is strong as it is exalted, but being in the eclipse axis (and retrograde for two months) also brought out some of its lower nature, which can include hostility, pride, excessive ambition, and conflict. One of my early astrology teachers Isabel Hickey described Mars in Capricorn as the realm where our human soul has to go to battle with our animal soul. On the plus side, during the transit of Mars in Capricorn, many of us were able to utilize the higher expression of Mars in Capricorn too, which revolves around taking personal responsibility and cultivating self-reliance.
2. According to traditional and Vedic astrology, Mars in both Capricorn and Aquarius is disposited by (ruled by) Saturn, which has been transiting in sidereal Sagittarius since late 2017. We could say that Saturn is the overlord of Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius, so his natural as well as temporal relationship with Mars is important. Naturally, Mars and Saturn have some enmity, because Mars is hot and fast, and Saturn is cold and slow. So, when they are influencing each other through any variety of aspects and associations (which we call “sambhanda” in Vedic astrology), their combined lower expression can be impatient, frustrating, aggressive, and oppressive. The nature of their relationship is to test us in order to teach us how to align with our higher principles. When we can do that under any Mars-Saturn duo, the gifts of self-discipline, goal-directed energy, and passion will readily unfold.
3. The temporal nature refers to the aspect between Mars and Saturn in a natal or mundane/transit chart. Mars in Capricorn formed a semi-sextile or 2/12 with dispositor Saturn in Sagittarius. When any two planets are in a semi-sextile (2/12), this suggests a reciprocal friction and tension between alternate polarities. Now that Mars has moved to Aquarius, the temporal relationship between Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius changes to a sextile or 3/11 aspect. This is an aspect for inspiration, communication, ease, and creative cooperation between any two planets.
4. Astrologer Isabel Hickey explained that Mars in a Saturn-ruled sign attempts to check and restrain our lower “animal nature”; hence, a tension exists for Mars in Capricorn or Aquarius. However, in Aquarius, Mars is less bound by convention and hard-driving ambition than Mars in Capricorn. Yet, as with Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius can also be contentious, impatient, and rebellious when afflicted. Mars in Aquarius often wants to “challenge and reform” the status quo, to its detriment in some cases. In its higher manifestation, Mars in Aquarius is all about independence, freedom, and tolerance. Overall, the airy influence of Aquarius expands the Mars fiery impulse into intellectual, scientific, mental, or spiritual pursuits (Aquarius). When transiting in the sign of Aquarius, the great warrior Mars assumes the position of Water Bearer who carries the power of healing, knowledge, and wisdom into the world.
Mars during its beginning transit in Aquarius forms a maddening inconjunct 6/8 (quincunx) with Neptune in the tenth house of the United States (Kelleher) chart. With Mars the fifth lord of politics transiting in the third house of media and journalism in an impossible aspect to Neptune in the tenth house of government, well, let me just say this is a perfect reflection of the media frenzy of lies and exaggerations that will be whipped up around the U.S. midterm elections on November 6 (tonight, as I write this). The essence of this aspect would be best described by this phrase: “Politics as sport and entertainment.” There are ultimately no winners in this ugly high-stakes game, even when your favored candidates win.
On November 17-18, Mars will conjoin the Moon in the U.S. (Kelleher) horoscope in the third house which could indicate some event(s) that has much of the public in a hot-tempered stance, aggressively acting out some new drama fueled in part by the mainstream media. In early December, transit Mars will conjoin transiting Neptune and square the transiting Sun-Jupiter. This is often an aspect for some difficult, obsessive, confusing, or delusional thoughts and actions, with some potential for extreme cruelty and violence (close to December 5).
Not to worry though…because we can always align with the higher expression of the stars and planets, no matter what is swirling around as the lower vibrations in the world. We can “choose peace instead” as the Course in Miracles teaches us. And, during the Mars transit in Aquarius, we can each use our power and intention to become conduits for the Water of Life.
“Water of life I AM, poured forth for a thirsty world.” (Quote adapted from Theosophy/Lucistrust.org)

Beautifully written by the illustrious Julianna Swanson