Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mayan Prayer based on Gratitude ...

The Mayan’s have a beautiful blessing… 
Long life
Honey in the heart
No evil
13 thank you’s
I first learned this blessing in a song shared by dear friend and yoga teacher Saul David Raye and it has touched me deeply over the years. 
I wanted to offer you this blessing, as today in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to gather with friends and family and give thanks. 

13 Thank You's

Here at Hanuman, we are grateful for so many things:
  1. The teachers who have passed the yogic wisdom and practices down to us
  2. Our incredible community of practitioners and teachers, all over the world
  3. The path of practice & the devotion of so many to bring evolution to this planet
  4. Mother Earth and all the elements of nature
  5. The Divine Intelligence within each expression of life
  6. Clean water to drink and bath in
  7. Nourishing food to eat each day
  8. Fresh air to breath
  9. Warm homes, hearth fires and stories shared in community
  10. The genius each of us has to discover in ourselves
  11. Healing, transformation and wisdom of the heart
  12. Celebration through song, dance and laughter
  13. YOU, and the beauty you bring to this world