Wednesday, November 07, 2018


Mercury joined Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio on Friday, October 26th, and will remain there until the very last hours of 2018.  Mercury will be retrograde Nov 17 - Dec 6.  When Jupiter and Mercury are together it is good for everything connected with communication and information.  This is a great time to write, study, read and to connect with friends and family.  Scorpio lends a quality of depth and transformation to the picture.  This conjunction favors solving problems, doing research, and looking deeply into things.  It's a good time for doing business as well. You can also use the energy of Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio to do your inner homework, see yourself more clearly, and to affirm a life of limitless possibilities.  So it's time to allow your mental mojo to do its thing, dust off your list of affirmations, and break out of the doldrums.  Who needs New Year's resolutions?  You can make your move right now!