Friday, November 02, 2018

The VENUS mythology:

by Julianna Swanson from ASTRAL HARMONY:
Where I am in New Mexico today, Venus is making her first appearance as the Morning Star around 6:45 AM; this is before sunrise which will be around 7:26 AM. The exact date and time that the Venus reemergence occurs will change slightly depending on where you live. As Venus is coming out from under the rays of the Sun, this is the end of the challenging combustion cycle which occurred when Venus was within 10-11 degrees of the Sun over the past few weeks.
Venus will remain as the Morning Star until mid-August 2019, but will be the brightest in late November and early December 2018. In her Morning Star apparition, Venus is called Lucifer the Light Bearer and also is known as Oriental and Phosphorus. The ancient Maya saw this version of Venus as a warrior goddess archetype who tends to spark conflict. She also illuminates what has been hidden before, and this can be especially so in the political realm. For each of us personally, in the coming two weeks before Venus turns direct, we are still in process of examining certain values and outlooks and setting new intentions that can start to ripen when Venus moves out of retrograde on November 16. 
For today, I celebrate the rebirth of Venus with this excerpt from an article titled "Venus: The Rose in the Heart" that was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 15, Issue 2, pages 13-15 (2008):
"In her most blessed form, Venus represents the awakened spiritual soul...Venus exemplifies the soul who has transformed feelings of selfishness into selflessness, who expresses love not from the personal level but from the universal. As the goddess of the gentle way, one of her sacred animals is the white dove of peace, a bird that is symbolic of the all-encompassing, omnipresent love of God. When we allow ourselves to be enfolded within the spiritual rose of Venus, we are blessed with a peace and beauty that surpasses worldly understanding and thereby helps not only to quicken the vibratory rate on Earth but also to elevate, ever so slightly, the consciousness of humanity." © Zane Maser 2008.
Love and light,