Tuesday, November 27, 2018

These days ...

Excellent Post by Janna Lynn:

Sun-Jupiter-Mercury Cazimi "In the Heart of the King" November 25-27
What great endeavor did you begin Monday with the Sun–Jupiter union exact at 1:34 AM ET November 26? Mercury retrograde within two degrees of the SUN-JUPITER CAZIMI — in sidereal Scorpio may have created a sudden illumination in the mental-emotional realm. Cazimi— a traditional term used for a close encounter of the Sun with other planets, when the orb between them is smaller than 17 minutes, is a place where two entities merge into one and a planet hugged by the light of the Sun is in perfect balance, as if it was set “in the heart of the King.” 
Look for sudden illumination on Tuesday when Mercury and Sun also come together with Jupiter (4:15 AM ET). By Wednesday, the day Mercury rules, the Cancer Moon is in Mercury's lunar star whose symbol is the serpent that when awakened uncoils moving Kundalini energy from the lower base chakra to the crown of enlightened awareness. With Mercury in retrograde motion until December 6, logic (Mercury) may not be harmonious with feelings (Cancer-Moon) and it may be premature to act with a mercurial exchange between the Moon and the lunar North Node in Cancer causing foggy thinking. But this may also be the "right moment" to initiate expansion (Jupiter) for the planetary exchange is in a creative trinal relationship between water signs from Scorpio to Cancer. For clarification meditate on the messages of the Celestine stone, Celestite, which helps access the angelic realms (pictured). 
“The impact of such conjunctions has been used as dominant and truly strong points in traditional astrology. Not only does such a time among transiting planets represent the right moment to act on our will, but it also provides us with deep information about ourselves on a personal level. In a natal chart, these moments of recognition come every time that the transiting Sun touches our planets with such proximity. In a traditional sense, it is a time when the entity approaching the Sun (or approached by it) is no longer “burnt” by its power, but in the midst of its secrets and understanding ways of life the Sun provides us with. 
"Depending on the nature of the planet involved in this intense contact, we will see it as a conductor for messages from our own deepest core. Mercury will often visit this position, and it is for a reason named the “messenger of the Zodiac” with its ability to sink in deep and come out with new ways of self-expression that can be taught and spoken about in our day-to-day existence. If we widen the traditional view and take all celestial entities into consideration, we will see that each of them has its own way of manifesting, typically linked to issues of circumstance and the material world when Mars, Saturn and Pluto are involved, our emotional world with the Moon, Venus and Neptune, and highly mental and rational when the Sun touches Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. 
"Every time when a cazimi conjunction occurs is considered the right moment to begin something grand in the symbolism of the given planet and stands as a turning point in our understanding of the world. Transiting conjunctions will reflect on mundane events and our human level of consciousness, each of them bringing us all closer to the ideal society where every individual has a role that is an equal and valuable part of a fully functioning society. Although these processes are slow on such a grand scale, you will find that they work fast on a personal level and help you approach the inner truth that allows you to set free from patterns of behavior learnt by other people and toxic influences from any surroundings."