Thursday, January 03, 2019


Important reflections and intentions for the new year (see below)...Happy year to you all and to our beautiful planet..let's make a positive difference this year 

During the birth of the new year, people wish each other, “Happy New Year!” The truth is that happiness does not arrive just because the dates on the calendar have changed. Only when positive change comes into our perspective and actions will we experience happiness.
In this New Year, we need to ask ourselves some important questions:
First, ask yourself, “Am I making steady progress on the spiritual path? Am I being steady in my spiritual discipline and practice? Or have I lost my way?”
Secondly, “Am I living for myself alone? Or, each day, am I able to do something—anything—selflessly for others?”
Thirdly, “Am I able to maintain self-control and maturity at all times? Or, overcome by anger, jealousy and other lower emotions, am I still hurting others?”
And, finally, “Am I able to contribute and play my part in protecting the environment?”
Depending on the answers we give to these questions, we should be ready to correct ourselves and act properly. This is the time to make firm resolutions and to begin putting forth tireless effort. 
--excerpted from Amma's 2019 New Year's address. Read more at: