Thursday, January 03, 2019

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Powerful forces are moving in our world. It feels like much is waiting to be born, both great and terrible.

Will the world turn towards fear and darkness, or love and hope this year? And what is Avaaz and each of us meant to do, and be, in rising to these times?

I've been listening for the answer to that question, and here’s what I’ve gotten back:

We've won beautiful and powerful victories together -- important ones that will serve humanity. But we haven't yet realized the full potential of our greatest power -- the magic of human connection. Love.

The nearly 50 million of us receiving this message come from every corner of the world, every walk of life, every part of the human family. But a common spirit of care and service, of light and love, has connected us. In many ways, Avaaz embodies the spirit of humanity, the idea that we are one people, and stewards of each other and all life.

The world needs this spirit more than ever. Because we will only survive the challenges we are facing, together.

So this is what it feels like we in Avaaz are meant to be and do: form a great fellowship of humanity, spread the truth of our connection, and work to build the world that is waiting to be born not from fear and anger at the 'other', but from hope and love of us all.

If this calling feels right to you, let the Avaaz team know by clicking below:

Yes, this feels right, I'm in. 

This path might lead us to move beyond just emails and campaigns to build spaces online and offline where we can see and hear each other. To campaign not just on policies and the powerful, but on inspiring people to a culture of humanity that knits us together. To add to our defense of what we love with a proactive vision for the way forward for all of us. 

If this feels right, let's begin this new year and new chapter with an act of connection. It might be reaching out to a loved one, or a stranger, or someone we disagree with politically, or any act of love, kindness, or gratitude. 

Click below to choose this journey together, and share your story of connection. Let's begin our fellowship, and our year, by spreading the spirit of humanity, the magic of connection, and the power of love: