Thursday, January 24, 2019


Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in Scorpio right now. Both of these planets are related to teaching, but they teach us different things.
Jupiter teaches us how to transcend the world, how to leave it. He connects us to higher teachings and wisdom and things that give our life meaning, beyond just the pleasures of the earth. Venus teaches us how to get along with each other here on earth.
In many ways Venus governs most of what we do day-to-day. We want to enjoy life, be around people we like, and live a happy life. But we can get stuck just pursuing happiness and taking our eyes off the prize. That prize being a greater meaning, something transcendent.
So often I see where "spiritual people" get completely lost in the Venus equation. It is so foundational to our life on earth that we are "happy", that we may spend our whole life avoiding things that are hard or that make us uncomfortable. But the truth is, almost all spiritual growth exists outside of our "happy place". Therefore this pull of Venus to always be happy can be one of the biggest obstacles to spiritual growth.