Thursday, January 31, 2019


From Sai Satcharitra

Treading on the path suggested by Him, everything is pleasurable, to begin with. But later, that path will be so overspread with thorny shrubs, that there will be only thorns on all sides. 
Faith them begins to waver, the mind is easily swayed by doubts and starts wondering why Sai brings it to this by-path. And it is when you feel thus, that your faith should remain steadfast. These difficulties are the real test and that is how an unshakeable faith is firmly planted. 
By facing the hardships squarely, with a ceaseless chant of Sai's name, all the calamities will disappear. Such is the tremendous power of 'Naam.'
And this is the main purpose behind these obstacles. For they too, are created by Sai snd it is only then that Sai is remembered. The troubles also vanish only then.