Monday, January 07, 2019

The shift from a MOON to a JUPITER cycle

The shift from an 11 to a 3 is supercharged with energy because the 11 is a special number , one of two grace numbers, that only take effect during supportive conditions. The task of the 11, which ended on New Year's Eve, has been to push society down the road of progressive evolution, but that road only gets traveled when enough like-minded souls team up to make it happen. Otherwise, like a mute note, the 11 just hangs silently in the atmosphere without activating. In some ways our species moved forward last year, though it can take some digging through the headlines to spot those evolutionary trends.

The nature of the 3, which kicked in New Year's Eve, is different than the 11. The 3 is the great JUPITER cycle year when all doors open if you become willing to walk through. Doors to the future, doors out of entrapment, doors leading to sweeping panoramas of personal and social transformation. 

As long as you're willing to enter the moment with passion, to risk sacrificing your old life in favor of something new, and if you become willing to improvise, you will receive the Welcome Blessing

If you're ready to open your mind and extend your sphere of influence many doors will open for you in 2019. If you're ready to tackle the Great Unknown  the 3 cycle is the perfect year to usher you into fields of artistic and social transformation. 

The key to engaging the full power of a 3 year is to whip up inexhaustible desire and willingness to be astonished by the potential of positive change. If you're able to go in that direction you'll tap the forces gathering to blast human beings out of their stickiness and limitation.

There will be a fierce karmic global undertow regarding the use of power. Abuses of power will continue to be revealed and each new revelation will be a reminder to examine your own use of power. When you allow society's disintegration to strengthen your wholeness you heal karma. When you find unity in the fractured brokenness you gain spiritual mastery. See beyond the madness of ours and come to wholeness and unity in the midst of strife.