Wednesday, January 23, 2019



5 When shall we bring, to be appeased, the Hero, Lord of warrior might, Him, the far-seeing Varuṇa? 
6 This, this with joy they both accept in common: never do they fail The ever-faithful worshipper. 
7 He knows the path of birds that fly through heaven, and, Sovran of the sea, He knows the ships that are thereon. 
8 True to his holy law, he knows the twelve moons with their progeny: He knows the moon of later birth. 
9 He knows the pathway of the wind, the spreading, high, and mighty wind: He knows the Gods who dwell above. 
10 Varuna, true to holy law, sits down among his people; he, Most wise, sits there to govern all. 
11 From thence perceiving he beholds all wondrous things, both what hath been, And what hereafter will be done. 
12 May that Āditya, very wise, make fair paths for us all our days:

Rg Veda, Book 1, Hymn 25, 5-12
Griffith, Ralph T. H.. The Rig Veda 

Original art: Pieter Welteverde