Thursday, January 03, 2019

YOGA Vashista

Vashistha says Rama :
As the sky is not stained by the dusty atmosphere nor the lotus by the dirty water , so is the Atma not tangled with the body though the body is related to It .
There are different forms of dots seen in the sky to defective vision of eyes and the sky may appear hazy though it is as clear as glass .Similarly the experiences of pleasure and misery occur to us due to ignorance . Happiness and misery are neither the qualities of the material body ,
nor of the unbound , pure Atma.
These all happen due to ignorance, to the ignorant , in their experiences; and with proper wisdom, it gets dissolved and neither experienced any more .
Look all as like the serene,
infinite Atma . This type of vision of expanded creation gives the vision of Brahman in the entire creation and nothing else .
---Yogavasista /Upasama Prakarana /sarga 5 .