Thursday, March 14, 2019

JUPITER transits:

Jupiter in Scorpio/ Sagittarius Gandanta

16 March to 6 May
Jupiter goes into a long and rare gandanta. I will be writing more about it in April newsletter as well.
On 16 March when Jupiter goes to 29ยบ 12 Scorpio, it will be the choppy and troublesome Scorpio Sagittarius gandanta. Usually Jupiter is in gandanta for a short time – around 10 days. But this year it will retrograde on 11 April at gandanta degree and therefore remains in gandanta for around 7 weeks. This is a major destabilizing factor for world issues too. UK and Europe are facing UK Brexit and if this can be delayed, it is only a good thing.
Sagittarius Pisces will feel it most as their lagna lord/ Moon lord is going through this unstable time. All of us must take care as many aspects are joining together – all that promote instability.
Key Dates:
16 March - Jupiter goes into gandanta.
29 March – Jupiter moves to Sagittarius.
11 April – Jupiter turns retrograde. Due to retrograde Jupiter has slowed down, therefore will move slowly out of gandanta.
21 April – Jupiter retrogrades back to Scorpio.
5 May – Jupiter out of gandanta.