Thursday, March 14, 2019

JUPITERS active gandanta now ......

On Wednesday March 13th Jupiter began a rare transit, staying in deep gandanta until May 8th. Gandanta is a term that is used to describe a planet at 29 degrees of a water sign or 0 degrees of a fire sign. This is the point at which the junction points between the signs and the junction points between the Nakshatras intersect. "Gand" means knot, pimple, boil, or joint in sanskrit. "Anta" means end. So gandanta is a point where the energy of a planet gets stuck, a knot where it is hard for the planet to express its energy in a natural way. Normally it only takes Jupiter about a week to cross this point. In this case it will take 8 weeks. During most of that time, Jupiter will be aspected by Mars, and Rahu will also aspect Jupiter for part of that time, until March 21st. So Jupiter will be under a good deal of stress during this period.
During this period, the things ruled by Jupiter may be harder to access or may be experienced with more of a sense of struggle. Jupiter rules money, expansion, abundance, children, knowledge, education and dharma. It is the planet of truth, so it is signifies our inner sense of what is right, real, true, just and fair. The Mars aspect, during this transit, will make this a period that is inclined to produce arguments. Mostly we will see this on a global level, as an increase of political and legal bickering over the wrong actions of political figures, countries, and public figures. For countries like the USA, for which Jupiter is and important planet (the ruler of the rising sign) there could be more significant events that take place. Earthquakes, accidents, political squabbles, violent acts, and other disruptive events are more likely at this time. 
For individuals, if you have the Sun, Ascendant or your Arudha Lagna in Sagittarius or Pisces, then you might feel more stuck or pressured at this time. In general, this is a good time to try to stay on your routines, meditate regularly, and speak gently to others. If you notice other people getting into arguments, just keep a low profile. Try not to get riled up or argumentative. Try not to spend too much money now. Keep your opinions to yourself. Get plenty of sleep and don't take things too seriously. It's just a little astrological rainy weather, and it will pass quickly. There is no reason to worry, your life is what you make it. Even though it might be raining outside, it doesn't mean you have to get wet!