Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Plant a Tree ...

Plant a Tree for Amma Campaign ends March 31
This is the final month of ‘Plant a Tree for Amma’ campaign. How many will you plant this month - Use this form to enter trees planted. 

Amritaculture - how a few seeds led to two Amrita Organic farms 
“Over 20 years ago, Amma handed me a few dried-up seeds with the intention of growing some plants,” recalls Lola, a longtime resident in Amritapuri. “The surrounding locality was uninhabitable swamp-land, and the earth was filled with hardened red clay and sand. The villagers cautioned me that nothing would grow due to the unfavorable conditions. But Amma insisted that we must keep trying. ‘Clean the dirt of your mind first,’ Amma said. ‘Then all else will become clear.'