Sunday, March 03, 2019


I am a flame. I am a flame that flickers, that glows, that grows, that is eternal. I am the flame of creation; the flame of your physical sun that warms your planet and allows your food to grow on your fertile land. I am the flame of destruction that transmutes all that there is. Yes, my friends, I am a flame.

I appear as the love in the heart of those who give. I appear as the intelligence of those who think. I am the flame that creates beauty, whether it is the beauty of the Creator or the beauty of mankind; the beauty of your art or your music; the beauty of your architecture, of your statues, of your philosophy. I am a flame that may but flicker in the darkest of times, my friends. I am to be found by those who can recognize love.

I am and you are the flame, my friends, the flame of love that burns and consumes. It is not something that you reach out to find. The total freedom, the total annihilation of fire is not something that you may use. Love can only use you. It is not a tool. You are the tool for love. You have not chosen a gentle path. You have chosen the path that consumes those things about you which are not love. The rate of that consumption is completely dependent upon you. When do you wish to become the flame of love, of joy, of light, of laughter, of freedom? It is up to you, my friends, for the flame is always there inside you, inside me. The flame is not an answer. For as far as we know, we have no answers. We have only the process of love. We have only the knowledge that the flame, that the love is grace, is easiness, is strength.

If you have the discipline to seek the flame in the moment, whether it be in the day or the night, in joy or sorrow, in something great or in something very small, if you have the discipline to seek it, then you become the flame. And when you have achieved this identity, this manifestation, it is not, my friends, that you become a teacher, it is only that you become a window through which the flame can be seen.

~ by Orkan 
(from the Confederation on Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator)