Saturday, March 09, 2019

Take note: we are relational beings ..

We are relational beings with open, sensitive bodies and hearts, receptive and shimmering mirror neurons, and can offer one another so much. To listen to one another and attune deeply to what our fellow travelers are thinking and feeling and how they are making sense of their experience.

To not shame the story they are telling or the ways they have come to imagine themselves and the world but to
 hold it in a spacious, compassionate, merciful awareness. To allow it to touch us as we embrace the unknown together. To provide sanctuary where it can unfold and disclose particles of the mystery into the interactional field.

To tend to the holiness of the other as it appears, as the external beloved outside us as well as the inner beloved taking form as a lost internal friend, a remembered piece of soul. To no longer stand by on the sidelines. To remember and prioritize what is most important. To no longer pretend there is something more than love that matters.

In the busyness of the inner and outer worlds, we can so easily forget the miracle that is unfolding here. The chaotic messiness and preciousness of the whole thing, being shattered and reassembled, never quite knowing how love will shapeshift and express itself, even during difficult times. It can take our breath away. If we will allow it.

In those moments when our heart breaks in response to it all, the temptation can be overwhelming to put it back together again. But if we ask the heart if it wishes to be mended, it will open a portal into the mystery. “In trying to heal me you remain too far away,” the heart pleads with us. “I want you all the way inside, to bear witness to my broken shards, to tend to them, to stay close as I ache, to hold me, and I will show you the way home.”

Behind the scenes, love is at work, the beloved spinning out worlds of experience, longing to know itself through form. Each time we listen carefully to the internal and external other, feel their feelings and attune to their emotions, hug them, hold them, speak kind words, offer a soothed nervous system where they downregulate and rest… together we break more, burn more, and somehow become more whole. 

Photo by Luiz Clas