Thursday, April 11, 2019

JUPITER retrograde ...

Jupiter will begin its retrograde motion on Wednesday, April 10th until August 11th. When Jupiter is retrograde, it produces a more internal experience of its energy. Since Jupiter is the planet of dharma, its retrograde motion enhances its spiritual side. This period can be a good one for the introspective process, studying spiritual philosophies, and doing your internal homework. 
On the material level, Jupiter is the planet of money, so this is also a good time for editing your financial plan, paying down your debts, and getting your head together regarding finances. 
In the first part of this transit, until June 22nd, Jupiter will be retrograding under duress, producing general problems with some of the things it symbolizes. Jupiter represents money, children, knowledge, teachers, dharma, truth, and justice. In addition to these general significations, Jupiter rules specific things in each person’s chart, but to know more about that, you need to visit your astrologer. The retrograde phase is a good one for working on any of Jupiter’s themes.