Saturday, April 13, 2019

The DURGA path ...

Happy Navaratri everyone! Here's a note from Swamiji on the path of the 9 Durgas and the 9 days and nights of Navaratri....
First is the Inspiration
Second is Learning
Third the Practice
4th Purification
5th Nurturing Divine Bhavana
6th Who is Ever Pure
7th Who Overcomes the Darkness of Ego
8th Who Radiates Light
9th Grantor of Perfection
Each day, each Goddess takes along the path and propels us forward until we become the central character of the stories we are chanting. The scriptures become autobiographical: I am the one who increased my sadhana until I became the Rishi who was granted the boon!
The boon is to remember, so much as we possibly can, that I am a Rishi! To see life as a Rishi, only thinking about divinity to the extent of my capacity!
May Nava Durga bless us all with the remembrance of our Divine Rishi-hood!