Friday, May 24, 2019

AMMA and Astrology...

Devotee: It is said that one’s horoscope cannot be changed. Is that true, Mother?

MOTHER: What is said in astrology is the result of the actions performed in the past. The fruit of actions can be obstructed through other actions, such as actions dedicated to God.
A stone which is thrown upwards can be caught before it falls down. Likewise, the course of the fruit of actions (karma phala) can be changed before fructifying. A horoscope will give way before God’s Will (sankalpa). It may show in one’s horoscope that he will marry.
But the horoscope will change if he does spiritual practices and happens to have satsang (the company of sages) at a young age. Thus he might be able to become a sannyasin.
It will certainly change, provided there is a good spiritual disposition and satsang. 
Self-effort, including doing spiritual practices such as worship, japa and meditation are indispensable.