Thursday, May 09, 2019

This weeks ASTRO report:

The close conjunction of Saturn and Ketu (April 5 -- October 18) represents serious issues worldwide.  
        Headlines from this past week:

  • 100 Million People in Path of India's Worst Cyclone in 20 Years
  • Military Plane with 143 Passengers Slides off Runway and into Florida River
  • Catastrophic Explosion at Illinois Plant
  • Rockets Fired at Israel from Gaza
  • Fiery Emergency Landing in Russia Kills 41 People
  • Las Vegas Plane Crashes in Mexico, Kills 13 People
  • One Student Dead in School Shooting in Denver, 8 Others Injured
  • North Korea Launches Missiles
  • Iran Withdrawing from Nuclear Deal, Escalating Tehran's Faceoff with the United States
  • Tornadoes, Hail, Deadly Floods Leave Trail of Destruction Across South-Central U.S.