Friday, June 14, 2019

Gratitude an importan attribute to cultivate:

An attitude of gratitude is lovely to participate in, but living gratefully is a conscious, deliberate course of action. That can sometimes mean changing behaviors and taking actions that might not feel comfortable. Gratitude also encompasses feeling appreciative for the moments and events in our lives that aren’t so wonderful. This takes being able to zoom out and see a greater perspective. Not always an easy task in the moment, but possible upon reflection later.
The tragedies and challenges that happen in our lives give us the opportunity to practice resilience, engage our creativity, connect with each other and open our hearts to compassion toward one another. Losing a job, experiencing a major disaster or becoming ill might not look like something to be grateful for on the surface, but the lessons that are born from such events are, indeed, something to be grateful for. They can spur us to take action to reassess past decisions and participate in future choices that are more healthy and affirming for ourselves and others.
Art : Pierre Marcel