Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Astro weather re current upheavals by Swatitji:

We are inside the #eclipseportal until July 16th. A partial lunar eclipse occurs with a Full #Moon in Sagittarius to close the gap. Throughout this shadowy two weeks, Mars continues his debilitation in Cancer, while Mercury goes Retrograde in Cancer as well. 
The conjunction of mental body and debilitated warrior causes challenges with action, momentum, thinking and processing. You may also notice challenges with communication and connections. Notice where you are not being clear, upfront, focused or proactive. Be as congruent, clear and direct as you can be and don't step around the mud puddles. Walk right through them! 
#Sun, Venus and Rahu are conjunct in #Gemini which is increasing the challenges with communications, commerce and creativity, as well as all things Mercury. The combustion of Sun and Venus is compounded by the shadow of Rahu. 
Fear, illusions, past challenges, insecurities and doubts may surface in regard to relationships, creativity, romance and self worth. This is part of the ego-identity shift being forced by the Ketu-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. As this planetary conjunction looks directly at Gemini, Sun, Venus and Rahu get hit the hardest. 
Relationship with self and others is in a dramatic transformation process. Self identity and physical body are feeling the impact. Themes, stories, shadow and fears that have come to the surface over the last many months are now coming into full conscious awareness so they can be released. 
The release takes place when you honor and allow the shadow to be acknowledged. Resisting your own darkness will only strengthen it. Something new is trying to awaken within you. A new sense of self and purpose is pushing through from unconscious to conscious awareness. 
Are you listening? Are you facing your fears? Are you willing to move through the waves of grief and terror, so that you truly have space for something different? 
Only your willingness and courage will guarantee your success. This eclipse portal is a powerful opportunity to make space for a very different way of being. What steps are you taking to create your new existence?!