Thursday, July 04, 2019


That "personal view" is entirely your responsibility. In fact, it is your “karma" to evolve and develop or not. When you suffer in life it's because you are living out of sync with your deeper self – both personally and cosmically. You have incarnated as an individual, with a unique self that needs authentic expression. But in essence, you are not this separate being. You come directly from the divine source. In fact, even that's not correct. You are INSEPARABLE from the source. 

Karma is the law that keeps showing your level of personal and cosmic development based on the actions you have taken in the past (Sanchitta Karma). Those past actions frame your present circumstances and life (Prarabdha Karma). Then, you must act, hopefully from a place of presence and awareness (Kriyamana Karma) each moment. When you act from that place of presence, spaciousness and awareness, you do not create new "difficult karma". Instead, you plant the seeds of truth, love and compassion. Either way, your present actions which will ripen as future karma (Agami Karma).