Friday, July 26, 2019

UPDATE on VENUS transit ...

Venus Moves into Cancer Unveiling the Alchemy of Our Mystic Nature
by Yogini Shambhavi:

“We have drunk the Soma.
We have become immortal.
We have gone to the light and found the Gods.
How can the powers of illusion affect us now?
Oh Immortal One, what can the harmful attitudes of mortals do to us anymore?”

Rig Veda VIII.48.3
Only when we understand the intrinsic truth that we must revolve around the Universe and not wishing the Universe revolves around us will we deeply connect with the soma that flows from the Sahasrara........the movement of the planets in the cosmic heavens have a mystical way of mirroring our true nature at any given point of time.
We are at the ‘right time in the right place’...,,,,..
The traveler on the spiritual path must connect to the sensitivities of the place and divine with the space and its alchemy,not get trapped in one’s nature clouded by the illusory world of outer emotional trappings ......
Venus moving into Cancer the sign of the Moon drew me to the meditational flow of the Danube winding its way between Buda and Pest, reminiscent of nostalgic times drawing one into its scintillating mysticism. Connecting with the alchemy of its ancient secrets allows one to understand the deeper aspects of one’s nature as there is still a lingering air of Hungarian shamanistic traits.
Venus in Cancer is a time to understand our own fears, insecurities and hidden anguish. The Danube is a beautiful metaphor for moving with the flow of life’s grace and not swimming against its flow. 
Venus does well in Cancer for drawing out feminine aspects of Shakti based spirituality, creativity, artistic fervour and the deep devotional side of our nature. Yet Venus does become vulnerable in Cancer, highlighting the shadow side of us. When we are not comfortable in our sacred space and Sthira then Venus easily provokes jealousy, hidden resentment and anguish which also becomes our expression. The energy of the struggling Prima Donna comes out for good or ill.
The volatility of Mars transiting Cancer from June 23 to August 9 gives way to illogical reasoning shadowed by one’s own delusional mind set further highlighting the net of passions and devotion. Sun and Mercury will also be there in part to play out this Lila or cosmic dance in our human emotional perspectives.
Venus in Cancer will be inside the Kala sarpa axis formed by Rahu and Ketu, with Rahu in Gemini. This adds further mysticism and illusion to the energy of the Goddess and the feminine expression. At the deepest level, Cancer is the Sahasrara or Soma chakra where its watery nature unveils the soma nectar when we are in sync within the caverns of harmony. 
Venus here draws up the energy of Devi Tripura Sundari and her revelation of the Ananda behind the universe and behind our own minds, the seat of the Moon. Venus like her holds the Akarshana Shakti and the mantra KLEEM.
These are powerful times to explore the energy and divine grace of Shakti sadhana, only if we have healed from our insecurities and understood the play of our Maya Nature.
July 16 partial lunar eclipse revealed the gupt or one’s hidden nature, bringing out a more spiritual search and approach to life. Eclipses are powerful points of change unveiling deeper insights into our work, spiritual practices, relationships and emotions.
Budapest is an intense space encompassing the the three worlds or spheres as Hungarian myth believes the world is divided into three spheres: the first is the Upper World or Felső világ, the home of the gods or divine beings; the second is the Middle World or Középső világ or the Maya world we live in and finally the Underworld or Alsó világ. 
In the center of the world stands a tall tree: the Tree of Life or World Tree. Its foliage represents the Upper World, and the mystic Turul bird dwells on top of it. 
The Middle World is located at its trunk and the underworld is around its roots. In ancient Hungarian stories, the tree bears fruit in its golden apples.
The major celestial bodies, the Sun and Moon are also located in the Upper World. 
In Hungarian mysticism the sky was thought to be a big tent held up by the Tree of Life. The several holes in it are the stars. The Sun, Moon, and symbols of the cosmic word, where the divine feminine spirit was honoured as in the several goddesses of their times -Tuz Anya goddess the ‘Fire Mother’, Nap Anya the Sun Mother, Szelanya the "Wind Mother," she is the goddess of wind , Viz Anya the ‘Water Mother’.
A mysticism which includes the divine feminine guides us through the ultimate journey of transcendence. 

May we use these precious times of mysticism and alchemy to search our individual truth and reality .........Jai Maa Guru!