Friday, August 09, 2019

Jai Ma Shri Karunamayi ..

"When something upsets or disappoints you, try not to react emotionally. Go to God in meditation and pour out your heart again and again ;' Divine Mother , I want You, only You. Today I've been upset by what happened. But Mother , I know these things do not really matter. I am here in this school of life to learn to overcome my ego,and these experiences are just part of my education. They come to remind me that my life is answerable to You and You alone. You and You alone can give me the freedom my soul craves. You and You alone can give me that love that will fully satisfy the desires of my heart; no human being, no mortal lover or friend can give that to me. Reveal Thyself unto me! Reveal Thyself!"

- Paramahansa Yogananda