Sunday, August 04, 2019

Nothings ever tuns out the way we think ...

It’s important to familiarize ourselves with the edges, peaks, and valleys of our unique window of tolerance, that alive psychic and somatic landscape where we can push into the new territory of the unknown, but in a way that is skillful, creative, and kind.
Remembering that while it may seem otherwise in a moment of impact, of activation, of a cascading waterfall of dysregulated thought, feeling, and sensation… that there is no urgency. That no matter what is arising in thismiracle, embodied nervous system, it is workable, that we can be shepherd and midwife of the particles of soul as they unfold into form.
It is not easy to encode new circuitry, everything will be asked of us. It is not five simple steps or two new laws to learn or about magical new things to manifest for myself to avoid the emptiness at the core. But much more outrageous than all that.
No, things are never, ever going to turn out the way we thought, for that is the relentless promise of love, as it scatters itself here in this unprecedented star. It is its gift - to shift shapes, recycle itself, and seed its essence into our experience, so that it may live here more fully… with us as its golden vessel. 
Photo by Barbara Jackson