Tuesday, August 13, 2019

One Burst of Illumination ...

“The discovery of who You really are is the key to your residing, subsiding in the Reality of the substratum of your existence-happiness. 
By asking (through spiritual practices, devotions) who You really are, You will burst forth onto the brilliance within, that is glorious beyond your wildest imagining. You are flooded with the deepest fulfillment that is possible. You slow down the mind-cease to identify with the racing chase towards mirages, and allow the incredible fullness, the resplendence of the depths of this moment, to surge upwards through You. You discover a peace that is so all-encompassing that it cannot be described. You become love. Pure love. 
You no longer try to evaluate it, find fault with others, you are not simply your human mind that leads you up and down like a yo-yo. You, in essence, are something completely different. That something is ineffable. 
The illumination within (The Supreme-God) cannot help but to burst through to all that it comes in contact with.
For it resides in complete joy. Here you find the refuge, all that you are seeking. Wherein all suffering dissolves. 
As we are all illuminated from within, the moment of realizing our true state is at hand. 

We feel this deeply.“

Robert Adams