Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The astro weather around MARS this week:


Mars is at the deepest point of debilitation today at Cancer 28th and emotionally vulnerable this week at the end of Cancer but moves into Leo on August 8th but is still weak in early degrees until August 9 with the planet in the difficult gandanta area (Leo 0-0.40 degrees) where problems seem tied up in knots and difficult to deal with. Deep karmic suffering can plague the mind if you regret the past too much so let it go. Use the present to act and create new greatness in your life.
Mars in Magha nakshatra can bring out strong leadership qualities and in Leo it is strong to take on the world’s challenges and conquer big problems. Use the fire energy to act boldly and courageously. Mars in the first three degrees (0.3.20 Leo) this week will be in dharma to do great and right action to benefit mankind. Use the energy to help all the people in need and in crisis and there are far too many.