Friday, August 16, 2019

The SOUL ...

The soul is born in beauty and feeds on beauty, requires beauty for life. If we read Plato the way Plotinus did, and understand Psyche the way Apulius did, and experience soul as...Dante did [when he first saw Beatrice], then psyche is the life of our aesthetic responses, the sense of taste in relation to things, that thrill or pain, disgust or expansion of breast, those primordial aesthetic reactions of the heart are soul itself speaking. Psyche's first trait and the way we know her first, is neither by her labors, the work of soul-making, nor by her sufferings for love, nor in her oppression in lostness, the absence and deprivation of soul — these... all come later. We know Psyche first by her primary characteristic given with her nature: Psyche is beautiful.' --Hillman, Thoughts of the Heart

The wound and the eye are one and the same. From the psyche’s viewpoint, pathology and insight are not opposites...Pathologizing is itself a way of seeing... Without psychopathology there is no wholeness; in fact, psychopathology is a differentiation of that wholeness.
(Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology, p. 107f).