Friday, September 13, 2019


The Moon ripens to fullness September 14 th at 0:33pm EDT.   This Full Moon follows the New Moon in Leo and brings to fruition those themes that have been at play all September, since that time. The Full Moon phase is in any case a time of culmination and ripening regarding whatever issues or energies were bubbling up in the seedtime of the cycle. Because the Virgo-Pisces axis is activated, we may see our awareness heightened around the ideas of bridging the mundane and the transcendental; the nitty gritty practical details combined with the broader strokes of imagination and vision.  This Moons vibration lends a dreamy and ethereal quality to this particular lunation. With divine compassion, love, hope and faith being foremost in our psyche.  In another, our vision can become clouded, confused, or anxious in the face of the Great Unknown.  As such, this Full Moon could be a beautiful time to reflect, meditate, and connect with the Divine in whatever way feels alive and right for you,  and to find and identify ways that your experience of the spiritual can be woven into the everyday moments of your life.  This Full Moon time may act as a potent barometer to gauge where in your life you’re feeling clear, connected, and supported energetically, and where you might be feeling confused, scarce, anxious, or fearful.  You do well to simply observe the patterns at play, and treat them with loving kindness and acceptance, intending the best for your growth and development, especially where you can see the possibility that transformation is in order ...  May LORD SHIVA be kind assisting in your ongoing shapeshifting ...

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