Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nature ...

All of nature’s earthly creations show their inadequacy in the face of her first force, gravity. Subdued by the pressure of the whole, they perish however perfectly they may, after their own fashion, embody the image of the universe. Like gods, in contrast, the heavenly bodies wander so serenely through the light aether precisely because they bear their centre of gravity fully within themselves and are not bound to the earth'. 
'No expression of reason could be purer nor more sublime than that organism we call the solar system and nothing could be worthier of philosophical contemplation'. 
'Thus is Cicero’s praise of Socrates, that he brought philosophy down from heaven into the lives and hearths of men, to be judged rather meagre unless we understand it as saying that philosophy can bring no benefit to our lives and our homes without, once descended, exerting all its energy to ascend once again back up into heaven'.
- G.W.F. Hegel, 'De orbitis planetarum', 1801.

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