Sunday, September 01, 2019

Prepare for Lord Ganesha's Birthday:

Significance of Vinayaka Chathurthi

Vinayaka Chathurthi day falls on the 4th waxing day of the moon known as Shukla chathurthi in the Hindu month of Bhadrapaada (Avani). It is regarded as the birth day of the Lord born to Lord Siva and Parvathi. Lord Ganesha is an Adi Devatha who has to be worshipped before worshipping all other aspects of the Supreme.

He bestowes His blessings to all his Devotees who worship Him on this day. Obstacles including past sins, diseases and enemies delay our progress towards a better life and Lord Ganesha foresees these obstacles and removes or mitigates both known and unknown obstacles.

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