Sunday, September 01, 2019

Realizations and Transformations in September:

The Astrology of September features a powerful LEO stellium that is brought forward in a big way in the timing of the New Moon that proceeds the month, just two days before September begins. The first weekend of the month, therefore, has loads of this LEO energy of discrimination and coming to clarity about purity of intention, and, depending on where this lights up your natal chart, will bring you the feeling of being almost brand new. The universe is nudging you in certain directions that are in accord with what might be termed “angel guidance” or the deeper purpose that is going on for you beneath the surface layers of your personality, the intentions of your Higher Self. This is not to replace your current approaches but rather to enhance certain aspects of existing habit patterns while inhibiting others. RAHU brings surprises, and surprising realizations, to certain areas of your life, depending on how his position lands in your natal chart or what natal house he rules. RAHU is The Awakener, and may well dish up his cosmically ordained purpose in your life as you move through an exciting and changeful month of September, but only if you are ready to stay open to possibilities and to drop those aspects of your day-today behaviour that no longer serve you.

 As the Tao Te Ching states (in the words of Witter Bynner):

   One who knows his lot to be the lot of all men
   Is a safe man to guide them.
   One who recognizes all men as members of his own body
   Is a sound man to guard them.

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