Friday, September 13, 2019

Starting ANCESTOR worship this FULL MOON:

The Taittiriya Upanishat says:
Maatri-devo bhava 
Pitri-devo bhava 
"Your mother is the living embodiment of God. Your father is the living embodiment of God." 
Our parents are the perfect guides for us. Though they may not be perfect, we have been matched with them by the perfect wisdom of the Universe, because they are the ideal people to teach us what we must do to rid ourselves of ignorance and attain wisdom. They show us the right path for us; sometimes by their noble qualities, and other times by their faults which often annoy us because they mirror our own faults. Wisdom in India, teaches that the mother and father are the first Guru (teacher of spiritual truth). For the person who can see that God is fully manifest in the Mother and Father, the path to realization is quick and easy. Let us offer our humble prostrations to our Mothers and Fathers!

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